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Welcome to Platinum Crucible

Naugra Platinum Laboratory Apparatus : Welcome to our "Platinum" website. The website devoted exclusively to platinum labware. All our platinum products are made with .950 fine platinum

We as a part of ISO 9001/2000 Approved Naugra Export, are one of the leading suppliers of platinum Labware. We offer a full line of platinum labware's, our high-performance labware products include :

  • Platinum Crucibles
  • Platinum Moulds
  • Platinum Dishes
  • Platinum Tweezers
  • Platinum Spatulas
  • Platinum Stirring Rods
  • Platinum Inoculating Loops
  • Platinum Cones
  • Platinum Triangles
  • Platinum Electrode
  • Platinum Tongs
  • Platinum Trays
  • Platinum Labware Accessories

Naugra Export manufacture and exports specialised platinum and platinum alloy laboratory equipment meeting your needs from the most basic platinum labware to a high end apparatus used largely in laboratories for analytical purposes.

Platinum Labware are made from platinum and platinum alloyed with rhodium/iridium or even gold as per customer requirements. These are made to obtain maximum service life when used under normal conditions so that most laboratory requirements can be met.

At Naugra Export all Platinum Products are manufactured under stringent quality controlled conditions to ensure the highest levels of accuracy and reproducibility in laboratory analysis.

The products presented in this site is our standard product offering. However, we will manufacture items to your specifications.

We feature outstanding Quality, with emphasis on your response time requirements. We urge you to inquire about custom items and Naugra Export will impress you with our notable response.